Welcome - a new form is emerging

Thanks for visiting JewishGirl.net. When a spitfire of an adolescent teenage girl gets thrown out of Hebrew School, her Bubbe, a ball-busting balabusta insists she find an alternative way to get that Bat Mitzvah. The plan involves 36 Jewish recipes and an equal number of spiritually fractured characters in her yearlong romp to becoming a “Jewish Woman.” It’s a buffet of blasphemy.

The story, an episodic, spiritual farce is going through a transformational process from novel to a novel way of storytelling, both interactive and yet traditional.

As it develops you’ll discover Jewish Girl has elements of podcast, audiobook, radio drama, computer game and more, designed to let you “get into the act” as often and as deeply as you wish. I encourage you to contact me at author@jewishgirl.net, if you’re curious or would like to get involved in this networthy experiment.

And you don’t have to be Jewish to be one of the chosen people to join me in this leap through the wildnerness as we play together in a new medium.

Please check out the scenes (in order) as the drama unfolds. New scenes will be added on a regular schedule.



Don Goldberg