Cast of Characters

Let’s start slow. After all, it’d be overwhelming to hit you with all 36 at once. More will be added to the list as they appear in new scenes. More detailed bios and dossiers are available by writing

א The Author

א Oh, and our narrator, God. — whomever that may be to you. 

א Alan Gold: Maddie’s dad, a writer, currently working on his first book.

א Medetriius  Kuntewitz: Spiritual Seeker light-hearted, bringer of light and a little light in the loafers.

א May Plotnik: Maddie’s mom a consultant working at a startup.

א Ka-El. Official Greeter at the Meshuggah shul. Walter Mittyesh supermensch.

א Rabbi Zev Bishop:  Scholar,  stoner, meditator and spiritual advisor.

א Jacob Plotnik:  May’s wealthy older brother, the “wheeler dealer” car dealership in town and Macher at the traditional shul .

א Rebecca Plotnik:  Mother of May and Jacob, the “ball-busting balabusta currently ruling her children from her residence at the posh mostly Jewish assisted living home.

א Dr. Malowitz: Fertility specialist with an arrogant messiah complex. Needs a Jewish shrink.

א Maddie Gold: Our protagonist. Mischevious 13+ year-old cooking up questions and dishes on her way to becoming bat mitzvah

א Rabbi Klutzner: “The Klutz” who Maddie has driven so crazy he kicks her out of religious school

But if you’re interested in a peek at some of the foible-addled folks that will be popping up along the way, Check out this link