Thanks for visiting my beta-site for “Jewish Girl: A Buffet of Blasphemy.”

This year, Chanukkah comes the same time as Christmas. But in 2013, Chanukkah and Thanksgiving occurred on the same day. When gobble, gimmel and guilt all come together it makes for one helluva tale

I’ve included a few scenes from a section of my webisodic spiritual farce here for your review.

I’ll be starting the story from the beginning early in 2020. All together it reads more like a few seasons of a sitcom: lots of dialog, foible-addled characters and linguistic gymnastics. That seems to be my style.

And if the almighty doesn’t smite me for my efforts, I hope to find a way to re-purpose this spiritual farce of a saga into a kind of hybrid between an audiobook and serialized podcast. I appreciate any feedback you might offer (my skin is growing thicker — and not just the belly-fat) so be honest — and nice. Thanks for joining me on the receiving end of this literary adventure.

Don Goldberg