Some Lamed Vavniks (and a few nudniks)


Here’s a sampling of the characters in Jewish Girl: A Buffet of Blasphemy.
They’re looking forward to meeting you.

א Rabbi Zev Bishop: Spiritual leader, family counselor and inter-faith meditator.

א Alan Gold: Maddie’s dad, a writer, currently working on his first book.

א May Plotnik: Maddie’s mom a consultant working at a startup.

א Together, Alan, May and Maddie call themselves “The Goldniks.”

א Jacob Plotnik: May’s older brother – the wheeler-dealer wealthy and successful car dealer around Seattle

א Rebecca Plotnik: Maddie’s grandmother — lives in an assisted living home for Jewish folks and seems to have complete control over her two children

א Gaby Bissou (AKA Mambo): Rebecca’s caretaker – also a Santerian Voodoo Priestess from Haiti.

א Bella Schwartz (AKA Ms. Tickle) Jacob’s live-in girlfriend and known around town as the Jewish Psychic

א King Solomon: The Hebo (Jewish hobo) who’s been taken in by the Goldnik family.

א Hashem: King Solomon’s spiritual three-and-a-half-legged dog

א Sister Roberta: Maddie’s language and history teacher – tall and masculine-looking sometimes called Broberta

א Sister Mary Esther: Knockout young nun — and Maddie’s bible teacher.

א Oh, and our narrator, God. — whomever that may be to you.