Social Isolation got you down? Give this year’s virtual Seder some Fascinating Rhythm.


I like a Gershwin Tune, how about Jew?

Social Isolation – Fascinating Rhythm.

Social isolation you let me stay at home
Social isolation gives me shpilkes
Even in my kitchen I am distancing the food
My brisket’s 7 feet from where my milk is

This year the seder’s me and my spouse
9 plagues, one virus and Maxwell house

We were slaves in Egypt, now we’re slaves at home
Ordering from Amazon and grub hub
Hoping they’ll deliver, maybe send a drone
We’re the house whose door is smeared with lambs blood

Cover your mouth with each Barukkha
Insteat of kha try more cha cha cha.

Second Verse:

Social isolation, the matzah’s shtupped me up,
constant constipation not an issue.
Hide the afikomen, don’t cover it in cloth
Wrap it in a roll of toilet tissue.

With fingers dipped in wine we will tell
The story, but this year, use Purell.

Still we’ll set the table, leaning to the left
Keep an empty chair or two beside ya
Keeping with tradition, I’ll open up the door
Wash your hands, before your drink Elijah

Four questions not this year, it’s just God, dub-ya Tee Uff.

Social isolation dayenu dayenu dayenu dayenu I’ve had enough.